Monday, April 25, 2011

Richmond at its best

As I have said before, Easter is my favorite holiday, and this year proved no exception. For years, the family has done the very same thing: we have brunch, and we go to the Easter Parade on Monument Avenue. The weather this year was great, the dogs were well behaved, and the crowd, as always, was great. The Easter Parade is what Richmond does better than anything else. Last weekend I took a walking tour of Monument Avenue with the Valentine Richmond History Center, and we passed the home of the woman who really started the Easter Parade. To that local hero, I say Thank You.
One funny moment from the parade today: as we were walking back to the car, we were near a middle aged couple as we passed the Branch House. The woman says to the man, "is that a church?" and he quickly replies "yes." Funny because it looks nothing like a church, but rather a castle, and second, it is not, and has never been a church, as far as I know. Rubes. Luckily rubes are generally in the minority at the Easter Parade.

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