Saturday, June 12, 2010

On the menu

Last night Erin and I went walking in search of somewhere nice to eat. I had passed some places along the river earlier in the day while out for a run and suggested we check out some of those. We ended up at an Australian place called Boomarang. The place was packed because they had several flat screens, and it was after all, the first night of the world cup. I think people were staking out their tables hours before the game started, planning on just staying for hours, probably.
The food was great. There were a couple of interesting items on the menu, including peppered kangaroo loin, and pizza with kangaroo meat as one of the toppings. When I was little, my sister told me that Steak-Um, the mystery meat that we would sometimes have for dinner, was made of kangaroo. LIttle did she know that were it actually kangaroo, you could charge $40 a plate for it.
One other interesting thing about this restaurant... they allow dogs. Its an ope air place, and sure enough, people had their dogs lying on the ground next to their tables, or sitting on the bench between a couple at a booth. Needless to say, we will be back.

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