Thursday, June 24, 2010

The New Place

We moved into the new place yesterday, a little earlier than expected. I was a little bit apprehensive after our first night here. We had been living very close to a lot of restaurants, and other business, and a short bus ride to practically everything (except for quarantine). Last night, maybe because I was a little more tired than normal, I started feeling antsy, like we were so far from everything, and like our neighborhood is really depressing (I don't know how I arrived at that last conclusion).
In the light of day today, I gained new perspective, and after a few trips around town, I realize that we live in a great neighborhood, close enough to everything.
I took the bus into town earlier, from right in front of our building. There is only one bus line that runs from our place, and it comes about every 15 minutes. Tonight we walked to the MRT station (about a 10 minute walk), and took the train three stops down into the heart of downtown. I timed the trip home, from a wonderful food court, and it took a total of 34 minutes, door to door, and that included a stop at 7-11 for snacks, and a six minute wait for the train.
Before dinner, we took Benson for a walk in a park across the street from our building. There were tons of dogs, running around off their leashes. The owners were a great bunch of people from all over the world. Obviously they were nice people, they are dog people. One lady told us that there are groups of people that all walk their dogs at the same time every day, morning and evening. Not a formal meeting, but they get to know each other. That alone is enough to make me love the neighborhood. Also the dogs were really friendly, and Benson got along with them all. Dogs of all sizes... Golden Retrievers, a miniature poodle, a husky, a lab. Side note: red poodles are popular here. Miniature ones. They are adorable.

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