Thursday, July 8, 2010

Benson Gets a Haircut

Today Benson had his first grooming appointment in Singapore. While there are many ways in which not having a car has had little impact on our lives, this is one area in which our own car would be very helpful. Dogs are not welcome in cabs, buses or trains, so we would either have to hire a pet taxi service, or rely on the kindness of someone with a car to help with arrangements. Luckily, Skip, Erin's dad, was willing to help out. So we took the boy over to the groomer, and they talked about how handsome he is, which is always a good way to put me at ease, and I left. A few hours later, we picked him up and he looks fantastic.

For the trip to the groomer, Skip had gotten directions online. He assumed, as most rational people would, that if you are going back the same way that you came, then you would not necessarily need to look up directions for the reverse route, if you have an IQ higher than that of the common gourd. Well, he, I, and most rational people would be wrong. So the ride back took about three times longer than the ride over there, but Benson was so exhausted from the grooming experience, he remained unconscious for the entire ride. And I don't just mean asleep. I mean, lift a paw, and it fell limply to his side, and he did not even open his eyes. But he has gotten some rest now, and seems genuinely happy to not have hair covering his eyes and not to have mats all over his underside.

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