Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Land of Shopping Malls

Tonight for dinner, Erin and I decided to head to a food court at a mall in the downtown area. Since we don't have pots, pans, plates, or utensils yet, this is a frequent and cost effective solution for meals. There are a couple of malls that we have been to several times now that have great food courts, and they are both only three train stops away. We got off the train, heading to one of these, and discovered yet another mall, and this one, like the other two, is also attached by a series of underground tunnels to that single train station. Shopping does seem to be the national sport here. I am not judging, mind you, just stating an observation. What is so unusual is that all of these malls have essentially the same stores. In fact, the one that we went to this evening (the newly discovered one) had two Starbucks, at least, no more than a few hundred yards from one another. One was on the second floor, and one was on the third floor. Again, I am not judging, or complaining. I like not having to move more than a few feet to find my next cup of coffee. I just wonder how all of these businesses can stay open when they are competing with other outlets of the same store that are just a few paces away. And this is just one train stop. Orchard Road, the shopping Mecca here in the city is the same but magnified to an exponential level.

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